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7 Ideas for Dressing Your Baby Boy

Ideas for Dressing Your Baby Boy

Mums have the most fun when they’re dressing their baby girls with so many frilly dresses and tiny pairs of shoes to choose from. But when it comes to baby boys, it’s a challenge when you step inside the department store section and find that there’s hardly anything there!

Yes, most baby boys’ wardrobes are sometimes too simple. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun shopping for clothes and dressing your little man!

Here are some ideas for dressing your baby boy:


  1. Layer up

You can add dimension to your baby boy’s by layering clothes and mixing and matching. Layer a simple onesie with a colorful vest or add a hoodie over his shirt.


  1. Go vintage

It won’t hurt to go beyond trends and try something old. Try suspenders, cardigans, bow ties and newspaper boy caps.


  1. Think ‘mini man’

Just as you or other mums do with their mini fashionistas, you can dress your baby boy as a pint-sized man! Go for a tiny pair of distressed jeans, flannel shirts, mini loafers or sneakers.


  1. Statement shirts

A cute statement tee can change up a simple outfit quickly and makes it more interesting (and of course, is a great plug for our products!)

  1. Experiment with patterns

Don’t be stuck with neutrals and solid colours. Mixing clothes with different patterns will add a visual appeal to any outfit. Just be careful not go overboard with prints and stick to one colour palette.


  1. Accessorise

There are plenty of accessories for boys you can choose from! Spice up your little man’s outfit with tiny golfer hats, cute beanies, bandana bibs, belts, socks with fun prints and a pair of soft-soled boots.


  1. Explore more pants options

You can change up your boy’s look with different types of bottoms. Apart from solid colour pants and khakis, try faded jeans, striped pants, jogger pants, denim shorts or rompers.

The key is to keep it simple but fun! After all, they’re babies :) Have fun exploring other options and enjoy the styling process!

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