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Potty Training Basics and How You Can Train in 3 Days!

One of the most notable milestones of being a parent is saying goodbye to dirty diapers forever. Do you know that most kids start to show readiness for potty training between 18 and 24 months old? So what are the signs that a child is truly ready to be potty trained?

Here are the most common signs to look out for:

  • They show interest in using the toilet
  • They become aware of when they have an urge to go to the bathroom
  • They start to use words for having to urinate or make a bowel movement

Some of the Best Tips for Potty Training Include

Toilet Training

Have your child sit on the toilet either fully clothed or unclothed. Find whichever is most comfortable for them.
  • PRO TIP: Buy your child special “big kids” underwear. Having them pick out the color or pattern can incentivize them and give them confidence. At MamaDirectory.com we sell some of the best reusable diapers (with free shipping!) to use for children during their early potty training days. Check them out here.

Give Them Praise

Children love to receive praise when they do something right. Giving them verbal praise plus hugs and kisses always work best. Once they see the positive reinforcement they will be more likely to use the potty.

Designate Daily Potty Time

During the day, block off time to be home to steer your child to the toilet as soon as they say the need to use the bathroom. Sit with them in the bathroom to make them feel comfortable in the environment. Having a routine is always best when building positive habits.

Potty Training in 3 Days

One of the most effective programs I’ve ever come across for parents to learn how to potty train their children is the Start Potty Training in 3 Days program developed by best selling author and fellow mother, Carol Cline.

You can get some of her best tricks for free and her program also includes a money back guarantee!

Click here for more information!

What tips do you have for moms going through potty training for the first time? Comment below!

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