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The Right Way to Dress a Newborn for Bed

Dressing your newborn appropriately at night will make her sleep comfortably and help you steal some of that much-needed shut-eye, too. Moreover, proper nighttime dressing will help avoid the risks of sudden infant death syndrome.


Here are some of the recommendations of medical experts.


  1. The right clothes
  • Sleepwear that fits well. Not too loose around the neck, arms and feet
  • Clothing should not have any loose fabric that could potentially cover the infant’s face
  • If infant is warm enough, you may keep her without blankets.
  • If it get’s too cold and she’s not dressed warmly, you may put her in a sleep sack.

  1. Caps or beanies
  • Keep baby’s head uncovered when sleeping
  • Babies cool themselves down by releasing the heat from their heads
  • Beanies or any headwear may also suffocate her


  1. Room temperature
  • Keep your room at a comfortable temperature, not too hot and not too cold
  • Experts recommend keeping temperature between 68 to 72°F or 20 to 22.2°C.

  1. Baby’s temperature
  • Though they may feel cold, your baby’s hands and feet are not a good indication of her body temperature
  • Feel her back or tummy to get her body temperature


  1. Blankets
  • Avoid big fluffy blankets or comforters because these could only end up covering her head
  • Sleep sacks are better. But note that it has to be the right size. This can prevent her from rolling onto her tummy while asleep. Her legs are contained too so they don’t get stuck in the crib rails.
  • Dress her up in booties to keep her toes warm when it’s chilly

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