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Top 10 Tips To Create the Perfect Nursery

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Preparing for baby and decorating the nursery can be an exciting time! It can also be overwhelming to know where to start and what to consider.

Here are the top 10 tips that will ensure you create the perfect nursery!

1. Choose a theme. 

Think safari, zoo, under water, travel, or even a princess theme. Get creative and have fun! A fun and easy way to incorporate a theme into your baby's room is with these fun and easy DIY wall stickers and decals. 

These cute DIY Jungle Wild Animals Decals are perfect for a jungle themed nursery!

DIY Cute Jungle Wild Animals Wall Art Decals Kids Bedroom Baby Nursery Stickers Decor

These removable Teapot and Teacups Stickers are ideal for whimsical theme!

2. Accessorise.

Choose some tasteful elements to add to the baby’s room that will complement your design and theme. A well placed throw cushion for example can add texture and depth to the room like this personalized cushion cover with baby's initial and name.

Personalized Cushion Cover Custom Initial And Name

3. Think function and fun.

Of course we know this is baby's room and we want baby to be safe and comfortable. But function doesn't have to mean stale. These days so many baby accessories are not only cute, but practical for baby and his safety. 

This adorable Fox Baby Pillow Plush Toy Sleeping Mattress Cushion is the perfect example. (It also comes as an equally adorable elephant!)

Elephant or Fox Baby Pillow Plush Toy Sleeping Mattress Cushion

4. Think functional space.

Sure that cute rug may look nice, but will it trip you up at 3am when you are up for a feed? Consider all pieces and how they will function in the room, especially in the dark and when you are trying to move silently, but smoothly with a newborn in your arms.

The perfect addition to any nursery is a slip resistant baby mat like this one.

DIY magic Jigsaw 30*30CM soft patchwork slip-resistant puzzle baby mat

5. Avoid clutter!

Have a spot for everything. Get useful storage units and spaces so that everything has a home. You want your nursery space to be functional, not a storage unit. Make it easy to ‘tidy up’ and keep the space open and clear for putting baby down.

This handy Hanging Storage Muslin Cotton Organiser will help keep all baby's things sorted. 

Baby Bed Hanging Storage Bag Muslin Cotton Newborn Organizer - Toy Diaper Pocket for Crib

6. Make nighttime, anytime.

Make sure the lighting in your nursery can mimic nighttime anytime. Consider a heavy curtain or window shade to create the dark when it's time for a daytime nap. Babies know that darkness means bedtime, so have the ability to fake the darkness and encourage those droopy eyes to close a lot easier. To make sure you aren't fumbling around in the dark trying not to wake baby, have a handy night-light to help you find your way around. 

These cute USB Cat LED Night Lights are perfect for those nocturnal movements.

Cute USB Cat LED Animal Night Light

7. Add mementos.

Include mementos from family and friends who are as important to baby as you are. Adding little gifts or photos can create more warmth and love in your baby’s room. Not every single gift from loved ones needs to be included, but the extra-special, or ‘firsts’ are always a nice thing to showcase in your baby’s nursery.

This beautiful wooden handmade baby photo album is a must for showcasing baby's first year in the world. 

High quality beautiful wooden handmade diy baby photo album scrapbooking

8. Consider practicality.

The joys of a little human that poops and throws up on a consistent basis will inevitably mean you must consider how easy things will be to clean! Washable fabrics, washable wallpaper, waterproof pieces will be your best allies in this battle!

This Waterproof Nursery Organizer Hanging Bag is washable and easily hangs on the crib.

Waterproof Baby Bed Cot Closet Nursery Toys Diaper Storage Organizer Hanging Bag

9. Include art.

Having lovely, and not necessarily ‘baby themed’ artwork in your nursery can add a nice design element to the room. Think colourful and whimsical, rather than baby. Vintage images, framed fabric prints, or canvas prints can all add a little something extra to a nursery.

Consider these gorgeous Kawaii Minimalist Colorful Quote Prints

10. Don’t overdo it! It can be tempting to go overboard with the fun baby items and oh so adorable knick knacks, but minimalism (or a variation thereof), really is the best approach. Too many stuffed toys, patterns, rugs, lamps, trinkets can create an over stimulating environment for your baby. Once you choose your theme and colours, be selective with what you choose to include. Simpler really is better!

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